CORONAVIRUS: Specific measures for self-employed

Let us introduce you to the specific measures that both the Catalan and Spanish Governments have approved for the self-employed in order to face the impact of COVID-19 in their economy.

Generalitat de Catalunya


  • To be registered in the special regime of self-employed workers of the Social Security (RETA)
  • To Have a fiscal domicile in Catalonia
  • To accredit a drastic and involuntary reduction of your billing as a consequence of the effects of the coronavirus:
    • Seniority over one year: you must prove economic losses in the month of March 2020 compared to the same month of March 2019
    • Seniority less than one year: the average monthly billing from the start in of the self-employment will be compared.
  • To be registered in activities for which the health authorities have decreed the closure
  • Ta have no other alternative sources of income
  • It will not be applicable for:
    • Self-employed members of mercantile companies, cooperatives or labor companies
    • Self-employed collaborating workers, members of company administration bodies, as well as family members and religious associates

Amount, award and terms

  • Maximum amount € 2,000.00 in a single payment
  • Support till the limit of funds are bailed out
  • It can be ordered from April 1, 2020
  • It will be requested electronically and you will have to provide supporting documentation (contribution link is not yet active)

Gobierno de España


  • To Being self-employed (natural person, partnership member, administrator, cooperative member, etc.)
  • To be registered at the Social Security in the RETA regime at the time of the declaration of alarm status
  • To perform cessation of activity
  • To be up to date with social security payment (you will be allowed to stay up to date with payment in 30 calendar days if you want to apply for the aid)
  • You will not need to unsubscribe as a freelancer
  • In case you have workers in charge an ERTE will have to be carried out and the activity ceased


  • That you have suspended activities due to the prohibition of your activity according to RD 463/2020:
    • On-site educational activity
    • Commercial premises and retail establishments with the exception of staple food, drinks and essential goods (service only and provided that it does not take place in the same premises).
    • Museums, archives, libraries and monuments
    • Places where public shows, sports and leisure activities take place
    • Hospitality and restaurant activities (home delivery is allowed)
    • Parades and popular festivals
  • If you do not have suspended activities, that your billing for the previous month has been reduced by at least 75% in relation to the average billing for the previous semester

Amount and terms

  • 70% of the regulatory base being quoted (if you pay the minimum monthly quote, the amount will be € 660 per month)
  • Duration of the benefit is one month, except if the alarm period is increased
  • This time will count as if you paid your monthly quote.
  • Payment will be made in the following month
  • The model to request this cessation of activity through SEPE is not yet available

We remain at your entire disposal, as usual, for any further information that you may require on this topic or any other.