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Employment advice for companies and freelancers

We are an advisory located in Barcelona with a long trajectory in the area of ​​labor counseling. We work both in the field of corporate labor management offering legal services and in close collaboration with clients to provide them with efficient advice and establish a relationship of trust.

Our philosophy of customer orientation ensures that your needs will always be met and will be addressed as quickly as possible. We offer innovative solutions to the many work situations that can arise in a business.

Collective bargaining agreements:

  • We negotiate collective bargaining instruments, representing our clients in negotiations with unions and employers, and offer advice on collective disputes. We study the labor regulations and the prescriptive trade union agreement governing the activity.

Flexibility systems for working conditions:

  • We analyze and define the most appropriate structures to generate more flexible working conditions, optimize the quality and productivity of human resources, and establish better relations with work councils and unions.

Labor litigation:

  • We represent companies and management in all types of legal proceedings, including disputes relating to claims for damages, dismissals, discrimination and harassment lawsuits, administrative sanctions, collective disputes, etc.

Labor contracting:

  • We analyze and advise on the modalities and contractual clauses that are appropriate for the needs of our clients. We also advise on the relevant aspects of labor relations (working conditions, geographical and functional mobility, substantial changes in working conditions, disciplinary procedures), advising our clients on suspension and termination procedures, expatriation management, etc.

Remuneration policies:

  • We design, analyze and implement remuneration policies, plans of foresight in all its aspects.

Social Security:

  • We provide advice and assistance in matters relating to Social Security

Management of work contracts:

  • Renewals, delivery of duplicates, registration in social security and periodic control.

Calculation of terminations and indemnifications:

  • Voluntary discharge, unfair dismissal, dismissal for objective reasons, disciplinary dismissal, etc.

Autonomous self-employed workers

  • Calculation of the annual cost per worker for the company (gross salary / net salary)
  • Processing of parts of work accidents and diseases
  • Preparation of payroll and monthly social insurance
  • Annual certifications of labor income and retentions to workers

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