CORONAVIRUS: Fiscal measures to aid freelancers and companies

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On friday 13th it was published the Real Decreto-Ley 7/2020. As a result of it, the government approves some measures to aid small and medium companies (PYMEs/SMEs) and freelancers.

This Royal Decree contains basically three fields of action:

  1. Strengthen the sanitary sector
  2. Protect families wellfare
  3. Aid and support the affected comapnies, specially those of the tourism sector and SMEs

Focusing in that third group, chapter IV of the Royal Decree brings up measures of transitory financial support targeting the lowering of treasury tensions of Pymes and freelancers.

Support measures for SMEs and the Self-Employed

Deferrable taxes

Deferrals will be granted for the payment of the debt of all those settlements and self-assessments whose presentation period is between March 13 and May 30. This means that the deferrals cover the statements for the months of February, March and April, as well as those relating to the First Quarter of the year.

This deferral affects:

  • Withholdings or front-payments (forms 111, 115, 130…)
  • Partial payments fo Corporate Tax (form 202)
  • IVA/VAT debts and payments (form 303)

Scope of measures

Deferrals will be only applicable to those companies that DO NOT exceed € 6,010,121.04 of Net Income from the Annual Turnover

Amount and conditions for deferrable taxes

As usual, these deferrals will be granted for declarations that DO NOT exceed € 30,000 for which it is not necessary to provide a guarantee.

This deferment will be granted for a maximum of 6 months of which the first 3 will not accrue interest


Spanish Tax Agency, therefore, has published the temporary instructions on how to ask for a deferral, according to this Royal Decree.

As well, AEAT will extend the deadlines for tax purposes and open files, through an express rule modification to come.

These measures are the officialization of those already advanced by Deventer Consulting in our post about Fiscal Measures against COVID-19’s effects.

As usual, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information required or any assistance you may need.